VANCOUVER, WA. February 15th, 2022. The Vancouver Volcanoes professional basketball team in The Basketball League (TBL) is excited to announce that they will be playing this year at Clark College however, will start with no fans at the games.  Thus, they have decided to do a virtual “bubble” season for 2022.

Until health and safety protocols for the public as well as athletic participants change, fans will not be able to attend games in person this year.   The team is choosing to limit the exposure on what they can promise fans, partners, and participants against the quality experience they are able to provide at the venue.  They are committed to focusing all efforts into the live production of the game, and a great viewing experience for fans and the community.

Team Market Owners Sara and Curtis Hill said it was not an easy decision but stated that “we have a responsibility to our corporate partners and fans to deliver a quality professional game day experience from start to finish throughout the season. We feel that with the unknown nature of COVID variants/guidelines that it is in the best interest of our organization and the health and safety for our players, staff and fans that we create and play in a bubble, in order to maintain the integrity of our team and complete the season.” The concept is simple, think 2020 NBA season, The Volcanoes have figured, as long as it could get all players, coaches and team/league personnel into the gym — still respecting COVID-19 guidelines (testing/screening), and not allow any, non-essential people in, the team could preserve the health and safety for all involved and play out the season. This year’s experience will come from live streaming on a virtual platform, TBL TV. TBL TV is a subscription based service which can be accessed anywhere by all mobile platforms for only $48/season for one team or $108 for all teams in the TBL.

“By watching and supporting the Volcanoes you will be directly affecting our organization in a variety of ways. Our financial literacy classes, entrepreneurship club, community outreach and events will be greatly impacted and be able to exist for the greater good of the area”, states Brad Lechtenberg, President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships. The ‘TBL’ is entering season #5 with 44 teams. The league plays a 24 game schedule between March and May with playoffs in June.

For more info on the Vancouver Volcanoes, check out their website at and their Instagram @vancouvervolcanoesbasketball

For more info on TBL:, 941.685.5965, IG @tbasketballleague, FB @thebasketballleague, Twitter @TBLproleague